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June 26 of 2015, was a historical day for USA as well as ministries like PLUC. We lost another nation to same sex marriage in the name of human rights. In fact this did not come as a surprise for us as we have been praying for Lord’s mercy upon USA many years ago. That night I browsed through my facebook and was overwhelmed with 2 emotions.

Firstly was anger. I was so angry with how some Christians responded so judgmentally though we do not agree with same sex marriage. Yet what right do we have to be so judgmental till cursing them to death. Then at other end, I was so sad when I saw many Christians began to change their facebook profile photo into the “Rainbow” color. They were celebrating “Love wins” especially the post-modernism generation. Either they were plain naïve or are liberal in their stand.

Have you counted the number of colors in rainbow? There are 7 and not 6. The “Rainbow” color that adorned your facebook profile photo has 6 only and it represent LGBTIQ pride symbol. The meaning of red carries a message that sexual right indeed is human right ( The churches in Malaysia have rooms to educate and build a generation that pursue holiness and not embrace lies that have become truth. How can this be accomplished? It can be accomplished by creating awareness of this crisis that we are facing and not be in denial. Churches can at least start with “What is biblical sexuality?

3 September 2016 marks PLUC 15 years in journeying with those who struggle with their gender. We will continue to raise the bar in creating awareness for churches and believers who still hold on to His standard of marriage and family. He made us in His image, male and female He created us (Genesis 1:27). God did not make a mistake in creating us to be more like Him. Ultimately that is our goal: To be more like Him. In conjunction with our 15 years of thanksgiving, we will be organizing talks on helping churches and believers of Christ to understand what gender identity confusion is all about. Please come and celebrate together with us on 3 September 2016.

The Lord is merciful and gracious and His desire is to see the hurting and marginalized return to the Father’s heart. He is waiting for all the prodigals …. He loves them and we should too. I am praying for more workers in this harvest field. Each time I meet them, my heart cries for workers as the harvest is plentiful. If the Lord has place in your heart a burden for this group of people, drop by for a cuppa and let us chat.

Blessed New Year and may the Lord minister to your needs.



你是否曾数算过彩虹的颜色种类?实际上,彩虹有7种颜色而非6种。面子书图像上的“彩虹”却只有6种,而这6种颜色即是同志的符号象征。当中的红色所要带出来的信息是性权,也就是人权。( 马来西亚的教会尚有许多的空间来教导和建立信徒们追求圣洁的世代,而非包容和接受一些被扭曲的真理。教会要如何实现呢?就是唤起信徒对这个敏感议题的醒觉与认识,而非否定它的存在。教会可以从“什么是合乎圣经的性?”来着手处理。





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