I think I like my same-sex friend, what should I do?

For a start, let us define the word “like”. To like someone of the same-sex does not mean you are a homosexual. There is nothing wrong to like someone of the same-sex especially when they are your friends. However, each time this person appears before you and your heart beats very fast, then it will be good to ask yourself, “Why is my heart beating so fast?”. Are you longing for this person’s acceptance or approval? The idea of possessing this person will lead to unhealthy emotional dependency. If you come to a stage where your mind is constantly filled with this person’s image and you begin to lust over this person, then I would suggest that you speak to someone whom you can trust for clarity or you could also contact us.

How to journey with people struggling with same-sex attraction?

You can only journey when they ask and are willing to be supported. So, if they are not ready, please do not push your way through. That is very disrespectful. What you can do is to provide a safe platform for them to share their struggles. Your active listening is important without being judgemental or condemning. Your acceptance of who they are without affirming what they did or will do is helpful too. Since it is a journey, it will take time. Time to build trust and for them to be vulnerable to share. Since it is unhealthy relationship(s) that they are involved in, it is important for them to have healthy relationships to restore and help them to grow. Therefore, a healthy community will be important in this journey.

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