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Blessed New Year 2019! Trusting the Lord it will be a fruitful year ahead. Transformation requires hard work, commitment, and sacrifices. It also needs time and persistence. Throughout the years of journeying with strugglers, time and persistence are vital besides “Truth & Grace”. Even when one is transformed, there will be some who doubt this transformation. Those who have been transformed by the power of Christ and are no longer living life as LGBTQIA need to be given that opportunity to declare their transformation in Christ! The world needs to hear another side of the story that, indeed, LGBTQIA can be transformed. Thankfully their cries were heard.

Last year November in Taiwan’s general election, 3 out of 10 referendums to be voted would redefine and impact traditional marriage between 1 man and 1 woman. God raised a group of concerned Christians who are not from the LGBTQIA background to organize the First International Rainbow Crossing Festival in Taiwan on 10 & 11 November 2018. Rainbow Crossers is a group of people who have left their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lifestyles. PLUC was given the privilege to represent Malaysia in this festival. We joined the rest of the 14 nations declaring that we as Rainbow Crossers “Dare to Change” and you can read further on this declaration in this newsletter.

I was in tears when we made that declaration. I was moved to know that we are not all alone in this journey and everyone deserves an opportunity for true freedom and to discover his or her true identity in Christ. I am sure your church can be that “safe” place for them to find Christ as well as their identity. Please let us know how we can partner with your church to equip the church to be that “bridge” to the LGBTQIA. We need not wait till we know everything before extending our love and support to them.

Check out You can watch for yourselves stories after stories of transformed LGBT lives in Asia. God never stops the business of changing lives and your church can be a part of this. We appreciate your support and prayers as we labor together in His harvest field to

Redeemed by Him,
Rev. Tryphena Law

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