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PLUC Newsletter 2020 (Special Edition)


The essence of the church is love and to love those whom God loves

On October 25-26, 2019, the Global Rainbow Crosser Alliance (GRCA) held its first "Global Rainbow Crossing Human Rights
Summit" in Taipei, followed by a carnival on October 27. I was very grateful to have three sisters-in-Christ attending the event with me. We witnessed God raising rainbow crosser representatives from 23 countries and different regions to do a new thing for this generation. With one heart, they kickstarted a movement that has attracted worldwide attention, to defend “Rainbow Crosser Human Rights”.

At the summit meeting, I felt deeply that we are people who want to change in same-sex attraction, but is there a home for us to return to? Who is willing to accept us and dight alongside for our right to change? The world is telling us that we are born this way, so change is unnecessary or impossible. But God's word tells us that change is possible in Christ!

In the journey of transformation, the Church plays a vital role as God’s house. I remembered the fear and trembling when I first shared with my pastor about my same-sex attraction struggle. His response was positive. He did not discriminate or judge me. He listened patiently and spoke to me gently. My pastor gave me "a cup of cold water" and made me feel that I am not alone. In fact, people are willing to listen and accept me, not seeing me as the worst of the lot, nor shut me out, giving me space and time to transform and receive true freedom in Christ.

This family is willing to fight with me, and this love touched my heart. In God’s house – my church, I saw acceptance, opportunity, patience, encouragement, discipline, and love. God is love, and the Church belongs to God. The essence of the Church is love and to love those whom God loves.

Home is what everyone hopes to have or yearn for. However, where is this home? Can your church be that home? May the house of God – the Church, allow this group of us to have the opportunity to know God, experience His works, and walk in the path of hope.

“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”
Matthew 10:42

Rainbow Crosser,
Pastor Sylvia Quah

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