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How did you usher in the New Year? I had the privilege of concluding my 2012 at a silent retreat center where I ushered in the New Year spending time in His presence and allowing my soul to be refreshed by Him. Taking time for silence and solitude has become part of my spiritual rhythm and it has been a great help in my own life transformation. I remember lying in my bed that New Year’s Eve night, hearing the sound of fireworks all around me outside, but in the midst of the noise, there was His gentle whisper assuring me that I am His Beloved. It was so comforting and encouraging.

People around the world anticipate great things to happen for them in 2013. What about you? We at PLUC also anticipate greater things that the Lord is going to do for those who desire to seek Him for life transformation. 2012 was a significant year for PLUC because of our 10th anniversary in September. We appreciate all who have contributed in time, effort and finance to make this thanksgiving celebration-cum conference a success.

My personal reflection on the whole celebration has been the wonder of His forgiveness, faithfulness and unconditional love for those who cry out to Him. Truly, we have witnessed many churches and Christian leaders acknowledging the power of Christ in life-transformation for those who are struggling with gender issues. This has always been the heartbeat of PLUC – to share with Christians and churches the reality that they can journey with those who have deviated from God’s truth.

It is not just the responsibility of just a few. We welcomed 2013 with the launch of a new cycle of men and women support groups, besides our regular parents and spouses support groups. We ended our first support group meeting of the year by showing participants the life story of “Dick and Rick Hoyt”. This inspirational real-life story really encouraged all those present who are embarking on their journey of life-transformation together. What touched me personally about the story this time around (despite watching it many times) was how the son requests of his father to compete in the charity run (journey) and how the father, without a second thought, says “Yes”. I believe this is exactly what happens when we ask our Heavenly Father to run or journey with us – He immediately says “Yes” to each one of us. .”

Reflecting on this, a scripture verse that I hold dearly in my heart reminds me, “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” I am very sure God wants to abide in each of us and for this, He desires that we abide in Him. He says “Yes” to us, but can we say “Yes” to Him, too? Deep and lasting life transformation can only take place when we abide in Him, and at the end of the day, this will be seen as each of our lives bear fruit. Indeed, this fruit of life transformation is visible and it is not about being gay, bisexual or heterosexual, but it is all about our IDENTITY in Christ.

For many years, I have been praying for God to open doors in the South-East Asian nations. He answered by opening the door into Cambodia last year, and I am excited because this year, He has paved the way to another two nations – Thailand and Vietnam. We thank the Lord for local churches in these countries who have invited PLUC to conduct seminars as well as to preach. We covet your prayers as PLUC ministers in these nations, even as we are grateful for your financial support that will enable the ministry to bless other nations that are crying for help, and most importantly, for a message of hope in Christ. Locally, we are also traveling to the north, south and east coast, as well as to East Malaysia. No doubt, it is going to be an exciting year ahead for us!

Beyond this, I believe a team can be strong and healthy if proper emphasis is given to developing proper communication and loving relationships among team members. This will inevitably impact healthily on those whom God sends to PLUC. The end result of building healthy teams is healthy ministry because “lives impact lives”. Please pray for our team and for me as I learn to lead the PLUC team to greater heights for His glory.

Have a blessed and fruitful 2013!






多年来,我一直祈求上帝开启东南亚国家的福音大门。神垂听了我的祷告,并在去年为我们打开了柬埔寨的门。我感到无比兴奋,因为神在今年又为我们铺开了两个国家的道路,即泰国和越南。感谢神让PLUC有机会接受当地教会的邀请到该国去举办讲座会和证道。在我们服侍这些族群时,我们也邀请您为着PLUC的事工代祷。您的经济资助除了能为当地人民带来祝福,最主要的还是基督福音的信息和盼望。在马来西亚,我们也继续到北马、南马、东海岸,甚至东马服侍。无庸置疑的, 2013年对我们来说,是相当充实又兴奋的一年!



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