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Finally an office for PLUC! We are indeed thankful for volunteers who came to help us with cleaning, painting, and also moving. So much to clean and throw away! We are full of joy knowing that much more can be done with the new, organized office. The new office, though smaller in space, is easily accessible by public transport. It is a new phase of PLUC growth.

In this issue of Butterfly, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce a team that has made PLUC possible for the past 6 years. Some are new faces and a few have been faithful with us from the beginning till today. As the ministry grows, the contribution from each team member plays an important role. In fact this is the team that helps me to align with His vision and mission at all times.

PLUC truly believes in the restoration of homosexuals under the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore PLUC’s mission is to reach out and disciple homosexuals into godly men and women who experience true liberty in Christ. In 2002 when a group of men simply began meeting as a support group, no one could imagine that it would grow into this ministry called Pursuing Liberty Under Christ.

By His grace we are trying very hard to get this message out about “finding freedom in Jesus Christ.” Many churches are opening their doors and their pulpits to PLUC. We are sharing our stories and sharing God’s Word on the issues enslaving so many people. Besides that, we also teach on topics like Emotional Dependency, Roots of Pornography, Understanding Homosexuality, etc.

In the past few months alone we have spoken in many churches, public schools, and even a Bible seminary. The phone calls and personal responses have been wonderful. The Lord is using this ministry to help individuals in bondage and families who are broken over the issues that we deal with. Whether it involves homosexuality, pornography, or other addictive behaviors, we have a heart that wants to help and a Lord that will.

Our desire is to expand what we are doing and to help many others to find freedom in Jesus Christ. We want to partner with churches and individuals in an effort to be a resource to them whenever there is someone who needs the help we offer. Whether it is the person in bondage or the wife or mother needing help in handling the problems that affect them also, our ministry is available.

You can have a part, or if you are already a supporter, an even greater part, in this ministry. We want you to partner with us and support us monthly with as much as God leads you to do. PLUC desires to employ more staff so we can minister to more people. The more we help, the greater our impact on this world.








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