Destiny Bridge

  • Author: Frank Worthen
  • Homosexuality is a divisive issue today. Many see it as a war between Christians and gays. But what if a Christian has same-sex attractions or conversely, if a gay person is also a Christian? There is likely to be a deep conflict between their faith and their desires. It is a strange and twisted world. A doctor can perform a ghoulish operation to make a man into a woman and the world applauds his work while the new transsexual now is entitled to government aid, settles into a happy and secure life. Conversely, a gay man who receives help from a therapist to change from gay to straight is considered a traitor to the gay cause and the therapist finds himself subject to disbarment and possible criminal charges. Can gays change? Should they be allowed to change? Are ex-gays the only people group denied free choice? Read this book and find the truth for yourself. 
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