Come Out and Come Home (Chi)

  讲员: 黄伟康博士,康贵华医生,杜国强牧师,柯瑞莲传道,黄靖斌干事 课题: 建立有性别自信的下一代 了解跨性别  应对性别革命的策略 聆听同性恋者的心声 创伤到复原 教会牧养LGBTQ家人的角色 教会通过媒体回应性别革命 您可以联系我们以获取更多资讯!

Come Out and Come Home (Eng)

Speakers: Dr. Melvin Wong, Dr. Hong Kwai Wah, Ps. Ian Toh, Rev. Tryphena Law Topics:  Raising a Gender Confident Generation Understanding Transgenderism  Church’s response to Gender Revolution through media Traumas and Recovery  Church’s role in pastoring the LGBTIQ and families Strategies in dealing with the impact of Gender Revolution You may contact us for more …

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