How To Help A Loved One

1.    Get hold of your emotions. Try to limit your immediate reaction to lesson the strain on your relationship with your son.

2.    Forgive. Release your anger, hurt and shame through forgiveness. This prevents bitterness from setting in.

3.    Get God’s perspective. This is NOT the end of the world. Homosexuality is sin, but it is not the “worst” sin and is not “incurable”. God doesn’t hate homosexuals – he loves them and wants to redeem them.

4.    Keep lines of communication open. Our words can either build up or tear down.

5.    Demonstrate love and acceptance. Sometime our love must be firm. We cannot compromise our standards. However your son must understand that your disapproval of his behavior is not a rejection of him personally.

6.    Let go. You have to trust your son into the care of God. You can’t save him.

7.    Pray. You can pray! God does answer prayers, but not in the way we want. God’s timing is perfect and He will help you.

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