Embracing Love & Truth

Is homosexuality a sin? Is there such a thing as ‘Gay Christian’? What are the root causes of homosexuality? “I want to change, but how? Is healing possible? What can I do for my gay loved one? What should I do if the person I’m journeying with has fallen for me?
“Embracing Love & Truth” is a practical manual to understand and journey with the same-sex attracted. It is relevant to church pastors, leaders and individuals who are asking the “what”, “how” “why” questions surrounding homosexuality. Sincere questions which more often than not, aren’t answered very well by the Church at large. This book attempts to give a holistic perspective, uniquely more so, straight from the horse’s mouth.
Frank Worthen (Former President of Exodus International) shared that “The root causes of homosexuality are mostly non-sexual-they are relational problems…. To heal homosexuality, you have to go back and heal the non-sexual roots of homosexuality.”
Indeed homosexuality is a response to being wounded, but there is hope for healing.
May “Embracing Love & Truth” give valuable insights to encourage the Church with the message of hope, to be ready to endure with patience and perseverance as she walks with brothers and sisters-in-Christ in their long journey of renewal and transformation.
Change: “…With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”             
Matthew 19:26 (NIV)

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